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Dr. Rachel’s Guide to Starting the Low-FODMAP Diet
When the Low-FODMAP Diet isn’t Enough for your IBS; Dr. Rachel’s Suggested Tips and Treatments
Dr. Rachel Talks Low-FODMAP and Mediterranean Diets; Eating for Health and a Happy Gut
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Let’s Talk about Reintroduction: Phase Two of the Low-FODMAP Diet
Dr. Rachel’s Guide to the Low-FODMAP and Keto Diets; 5-Day Meal Plan, Recipes & More!
COVID and IBS; What do we know so far?
Dr. Rachel’s Top 7 Reasons the Low-FODMAP Diet Fails and How to Fix Them
Dr. Rachel’s BEST Low-FODMAP Lunch Recipes; Gluten-free
Dr. Rachel’s Best Low-FODMAP Breakfast Recipes; Gluten-free
FODMAP Everyday Features Dr. Rachel Pauls & RPF Low-FODMAP Certification
The Top 5 Best Low-FODMAP Cookbooks, Resources and Guides for IBS Patients
Chowhound Features Dr Rachel’s Low-FODMAP IBS Solution Cookbook’s Recipes!
One Green Planet Features Low-FODMAP Recipes from Dr. Rachel’s ‘IBS Solution Cookbook’!
MindBodyGreen features Rachel Pauls’ Cookbook & Low-FODMAP Pumpkin Spice Quinoa Recipe!
Does Menopause Worsen Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)? Dr Rachel’s Top 10 Tips to Help Symptoms

As an IBS-sufferer myself, I know how badly you want to feel healthy and happy. I’ve spent over a decade researching IBS and FODMAPs, and my recipes and guidance will help you succeed.

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