Low-FODMAP Peanut Butter and Banana Baked Oatmeal Bars; Gluten-free, Vegan

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baked oatmeal bars low-FODMAP

Low-FODMAP baked oatmeal bars are easy to make, and super convenient to have around.  Ready in under 30 minutes!

These are also known as ‘baked oatmeal’, ‘oat squares’, ‘soft baked oatmeal’, and ‘oatmeal breakfast bars’.  Any way you want to describe them, low-FODMAP baked oatmeal bars are a healthy and delicious breakfast or snack option.  Kids and adults love them.

These low-FODMAP Peanut Butter and Banana Baked Oatmeal Bars are my favorite recipe for baked oatmeal. They are super creamy, rich and satisfying.  If you love peanut butter as much as I do, you will be a huge fan of these low-FODMAP Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars.

For a variation, I use chocolate chips in place of chopped peanuts in the bars and sprinkle more on top.  So good.

low-FODMAP Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Bar

Eating these baked oatmeal bars reminds me of my low-FODMAP Peanut Maple Pleasure Happy Bars and low-FODMAP Banana Chocolate Glee Happy Bars.  Try those for another option if you don’t have time to bake 🙂

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Low-FODMAP Peanut Butter and Banana Baked Oatmeal Bars; Gluten-free, Vegan

Although this recipe has not been tested, a single serving should be low-FODMAP based on the ingredients

Serves 9-16 (depending on size of square you cut)

Prep time: 5 min

Bake Time: 25 min

Equipment: 8 by 8 inch square pan


  • 1 & ½ cups quick oats (you can also use traditional rolled oats but they will be less soft)
    • 1/4 cup quick oats is one low-FODMAP serving
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 ripe bananas, mashed
    • 1/3 ripe banana is one low-FODMAP serving
    • FODMAP fact: unripe bananas have fewer FODMAPs (you can enjoy up to a whole unripe banana). This is due to the conversion of starches to sugars in the banana during the ripening process
  • 1/2 cup all-natural smooth peanut butter, divided into ¼ cup and ¼ cup (salted or unsalted, if you use salted you may want to skip the salt above)
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup, plus 1 tbsp pure maple syrup, divided
  • 1 tbsp flax seed meal, mixed into 3 tbsp warm water for about 10 minutes until gelatinous
    • This creates a healthy ‘egg substitute’
    • If you don’t have flax seed meal, you can grind flaxseeds to create this
    • For non-vegans, can substitute 1 large egg lightly beaten
  • ¾ cup low-FODMAP milk (such as unsweetened almond milk or lactose-free milk for non-vegan version)
  • 1/3 cup chopped peanuts plus extra for sprinkling (optional)


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F, place rack in middle of oven
  • Line an 8 by 8 square square baking pan with parchment paper with a folded edge over sides to help you lift out of pan
  • In a small bowl, mix together the quick cooking oats, baking powder, salt and ground cinnamon. Set aside
  • In a large bowl, mix mashed banana and ¼ cup peanut butter together until combined
  • To the banana mixture, add the vanilla, ½ cup maple syrup and ‘flax egg substitute’ (or beaten egg). Mix until combined
  • Add the low-FODMAP milk and chopped peanuts and stir until batter is smooth
  • Add dry ingredients (the oat mixture) to wet ingredients and mix thoroughly
  • Pour/spread the mixture into prepared pan
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes
    • The bars are quite soft, if you prefer a harder texture then bake about 5 minutes longer
  • Mix remaining ¼ cup peanut butter with 1 tbsp maple syrup. Pour/drizzle it over top of the warm oat bars, sprinkle with additional chopped peanuts if desired
    • For my bars I love peanut butter so much that I added a little extra after the bars cool on top
  • Cut into squares and enjoy warm, or refrigerate until serving (taste great warmed or cold)
    • I eat these with a fork so it is less messy, but you can use your hands too 🙂
  • These can be stored in refrigerator or freezer

Soft, creamy and so delicious. Low-FODMAP peanut butter and banana are a winning combination!

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  1. So delicious!

    These bars are absolutely delicious! Can’t even tell they are good for you. They taste a lot like a banana bread with a hint of peanut butter. Thank you!!

    1. Brittney,
      Thanks for the great comment and suggestion, we will try that next time too! We love hearing feedback like this 🙂

  2. These sound delicious! You said above that one serving should be low FODMAP, but it said it makes 9-16 servings… If I make 9 bars vs 16 bars, how do i know if one serving is low fodmap or not? Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the question Leanne!
      In our recipes, the serving size is based on both FODMAP content and a practical, healthy serving size for a particular food. In this case, these oatmeal bars are intended to be cut in about 9-16 pieces for reasonable portioning.
      You could likely cut the recipe into fewer servings than that, and still have a safe FODMAP content, but we would be concerned a larger amount could cause GI upset due to other (non-FODMAP) factors such as high fat and sugar content.
      We hope that answers your question! You can opt for cutting these into either 9 or 16 portions and have safe FODMAP levels either way. Enjoy 🙂

  3. New favorite snack

    I brought these on a hike with my friends and they were a hit with everyone! I was in a rush making them and made some substitutions:

    – ran out of maple syrup so I only used 1/4 c. if that
    – used 1/3 c. chia seeds instead of 1/3 c. peanuts
    – used 4 packets of Maple & Brown Sugar instant oatmeal instead of 1.5 c. quick oats
    – didn’t do the peanut butter topping

    My stomach had been really bad that morning so I was nervous about my substitutions but I tolerated them well and they were such a great hiking snack. Can’t wait to make more of your recipes 🙂

    1. Wow that’s great Michaela!
      We have a cookbook coming out this October that you may also enjoy!!
      If you preorder from Amazon we will also send you a free bonus PDF. Follow this link to read more!
      Keep in touch 🙂

  4. These are great, thank you for sharing! I have been making them with 1/2 the maple syrup called for and they are still sweet enough for my taste. I tried to do the peanut butter/maple syrup topping twice and the peanut butter brand I use didn’t spread well so I’ve since just been adding the extra peanut butter to the bars instead of on top and it still turns out great!

    1. Thank you SO much! Love this feedback. Natural peanut butters can be tricky to spread. Glad your modification is a success and hope to hear from you again 🙂
      Have a great day!!

  5. I wanted something that would satisfy my sweet tooth in the morning and these bars were perfect! I added a touch of nutmeg and pumpkin pie spice to my mix. They are plenty sweet for me and I love eating oats this way. Thank you for sharing! I will definitely be making again.

  6. Wowzers

    I just made these and I added some carrot chocolate chips to it and it was off the chain delicious thank you for such a great recipe I’ve been having stomach issues lately and was craving something sweet this was it!!

  7. Amazing!

    These are an amazing snack! Thank you for the recipe! I melted the peanut butter and maple syrup before I spread it on the top and it worked better. I will definitely be making these again!

  8. I made these with double the peanut butter amount in the batter (whoops!) and they turned out amazing! Very rich, yet fluffy like banana bread at the same time. I also added a 1/2 tbsp of brown sugar to the peanut butter maple syrup topping for a bit of a sweeter kick. Great mid-day treat to enjoy with a hot cop of coffee. So good. Thank you!

  9. Incredible!

    I made these this morning and wow. Just wow! Not only did they not upset my gut (huge win), but they were super tasty and filling. My entire family loved them! I’m sensitive to maple syrup, so I omitted it and also left out the salt. Absolutely delicious – I will definitely be making these again!!!

    1. Hi Rachel,
      That’s terrific! We are happy the recipe worked even without any of the maple syrup. So glad you enjoyed. Stay in touch!

  10. Great baked oatmeal

    This was such a soft and flavorful baked oatmeal, just delicious. I had some bananas that needed baking so it seemed like just the call to try this. I used almond milk and the chocolate chip suggestion. Thank you!

  11. If I were to sub your quick oats with 2 cups of rolled oats which have been blended roughly to resemble quick oats, would the fodmap content be compromised with the proposed serving sizes (9 – 16)? Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi The Mrs!
      The FODMAP content should still be fine for you to do that modification. Thank you for the question and enjoy!

  12. So good and packed with energy

    Since going low FODMAP, choices have been slim for what doesn’t irritate my stomach. And I was afraid of giving up sweets altogether. Since brown sugar and maple syrup are both not irritating to me, and I love peanut butter so much, I will be making these all the time and having them as a quick easy breakfast from now on. Perfect as described in the recipe above!

    1. Hi Brendan!
      We are so happy you found our recipe! We hope you are able to enjoy many other recipes on our website. Stay in touch!!

  13. I subbed in low fodmap dark chocolate tahini instead of peanut butter. I also topped my bars with dark chocolate. I used steel cut oats because it’s what I had on hand. So good

  14. I trying to avoid too many histamines but I tolerate almond butter, do you think that would work? These sound great! I’m also going to use unripe bananas to lower histamines. Avoiding FODMAPS AND HISTAMINES IS TRicky. 😉 I’m also going to omit cinnamon although I love it, I don’t tolerate it well due to MCAS.

    1. Thanks for the question.
      Almond butter should be similar, other than the consistency may be a bit thicker. You could choose to add additional oil to the mixture to help that as needed. Good luck!

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