Simply Delicious Low-FODMAP Blueberry Pancakes; Gluten-free, Dairy-free

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The very first thing I ever cooked was pancakes.  My mother used to make scratch pancakes on occasional Sundays, and as a kid of about 9, I took over this task.  An egg, milk, flour and baking powder, hint of vanilla and a lot of oil.

So, the one tricky part of documenting this low-FODMAP Blueberry Pancake recipe was actually checking measurements of the ingredients!  I usually whip up pancakes by look and feel, some days thinner (more milk) than others.  Feel free to modify this low-FODMAP Blueberry Pancake recipe to your own taste.

Also, you can add any mix-in you like- pecans, bananas, strawberries, chocolate chips. Or skip the mix-ins for simpler yet delicious low-FODMAP pancake flavor. Have fun and don’t forget the maple syrup as the perfect compliment for any low-FODMAP pancake!

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Simply Delicious Low-FODMAP Blueberry Pancakes; Gluten-free, Dairy-free

Although this recipe has not been lab tested, a single serving should be low-FODMAP based on the ingredients (using FODMAP Data at time of posting)

Serves: 3-4 (recipe can easily be doubled or tripled)

Prep time: 5 min

Cook time: 15 min


  • 1 cup Original Gluten-free Bisquick™ mix
    • I suggest this brand for the best results, it contains low-FODMAP ingredients
    • For a copycat recipe, see my low-FODMAP recipe swap blog
  • 3/4 cup low-FODMAP milk (almond milk for non-dairy version, or lactose-free milk)
    • For thinner pancakes, add more milk to your preference
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup blueberries (I used wild blueberries)
    • This was about 100 g of blueberries
    • If using frozen, run them under cold water until water runs clear, this prevents ‘bleeding’ of the blueberry juice
    • One low-FODMAP serving is 40 g, so weigh your blueberries if you are unsure of amount
      • I find a small kitchen scale super convenient and necessary for my cooking, these only run about $10
    • Can skip blueberries for a low-FODMAP plain pancake, or use low-FODMAP walnuts/pecans/chocolate chips/banana/etc!
  • Canola oil, for frying


  • Crack egg in large mixing bowl, whisk well
  • Add about 1/4 cup of the milk and whisk together
  • Begin incorporating gluten-free Bisquick a little at a time, alternating with milk until all the Bisquick is incorporated
  • Add additional milk to desired consistency
  • Add vanilla and stir together
  • Fold in blueberries
  • Place large skillet on medium heat and add about a teaspoon of oil
  • When oil is hot, ladle batter onto griddle, about 1/4 cup per pancake
  • Cook until crispy edges and flip
  • Serve with low-FODMAP vegan spread or butter and pure maple syrup

  • I can’t wait to try these…look at those crispy low-FODMAP Blueberry Pancake edges…

  • Super tasting blueberries in every low-FODMAP bite, packed with anti-oxidant blueberry power!  Melt in your mouth low-FODMAP Blueberry Pancakes.

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  1. Delicious pancakes!

    These are great pancakes. I have been making them for a few weeks now using different variations, and I always use the almond milk option. The basic recipe makes a tender, fluffy pancake with great taste and texture. I made them plain most recently so that I could top them with some peanut butter, banana, and maple syrup. Yum! Thank you!

  2. My husband tested positive for SIBO and we need to try a low fodmap diet. Since blueberry pancakes are his favorite we kicked off the plan this morning with these easy delicious pancakes. They tasted just like the ones I usually make and, using the gluten-free Bisquick, they were super easy. Thanks! I will definitely be trying some of your other recipes!

    1. Bonnie,
      Thank you so much for this feedback! We love hearing stories like this, they inspire us. We hope you enjoy our other recipes as well. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Can you help me make my pancakes better? I’m a new user of GF products and this was my first attempt at pancakes. My pancakes didn’t brown like the picture and they were heavy in texture. My batter was thick and I used a non-stick pan. Where did I go wrong?

    1. Thanks Francine,
      In our experience, making gluten free pancakes is really similar to making regular ones, provided you are using the recommended ingredients we suggest.
      It is all about the right amount of oil, the right amount of heat, and the right thickness to the batter. Honestly, it may take you a few tries to figure out the thickness you prefer (you may like a runnier batter which creates a thinner pancake).
      Usually the first few pancakes are a little lighter and less crisp, and then as the pan and oil heat nicely, the latter ones get the nicer brown color.
      Non-stick is OK, but we usually use a cast iron skillet as they retain the heat well, and a nice layer of canola oil that is heated to medium or medium-high depending on your stove. The batter should be thicker than a chowder, but not as thick as cake batter. Do not overmix your batter as it will cause the pancakes to be hard.
      Hope that helps! Let us know, happy to provide more feedback if needed. Low-FODMAP pancakes are one of our favorite things!!

  4. Yummy! Here are my modifications.

    I didn’t have GF Bisquick on hand, so I subbed oat flour with the listed additions in the recipe. I like my pancakes on the thinner side, so I added about another 1/4 c almond milk, a little less than 2 tsp sugar, an extra splash of vanilla, and cinnamon to taste. Super delicious! My husband (who usually disdains special diet foods) loved them!

    1. Raegan,
      FANTASTIC! So glad the substitute worked in your pancakes and we are also thrilled your hubby enjoyed the recipe 🙂

    1. Claire,
      SUPER! We love getting feedback like this. SO pleased to hear from you. Have a wonderful day!!

  5. No bisquick = no taste

    Idk what I did wrong but mine came out too thick and tasteless. I wanted pancakes, not biscuits.

    1. Thank you for your comment. We are sorry the recipe did not work for you, but wonder if you used the listed ingredients? The pancakes do include gluten free Bisquik. These pancakes are a tried and true recipe, we are not certain why you had an unfortunate result. Better luck next time!

  6. Wowza, I don’t have Bisquick so I made the flour using the exact ingredients you list. The pancakes turned out like marshmallows. I had to punch them down to get them to come close to flat. Definitely more like biscuits than pancakes. I’m also new to gluten free baking. This is my time using xanthan gum, for example. Obviously I have a lot to learn!

    1. Hi ACT,
      Thanks for your comment, we wonder if the low-FODMAP flour choice you used had any other rising agents added to it (some of the all purpose gluten-free flours available do)? If so, then the other additions could have been a bit much in the blend. We have made these pancakes dozens of times and never had any issues. So sorry that it did not work out for you. Due to this concern from you and the earlier reader we suggest this recipe may work best with the Bisquick brand only.

  7. Oh My!!!!

    I cooked these for breakfast this morning and waited until tonight to post because I wanted to see if my stomach would hurt like it usually does when I try a “new“ gluten free pancake recipe. It didn’t! They tasted great! After 5 years of trying MANY different GF/IBS friendly pancake recipes, I have finally found a keeper!!! I’m so happy!!!!!

    1. WOW Marci!
      We have goosebumps all over reading this!!! We don’t know why you didn’t tolerate the others but we are sooooo happy that you did well with our pancakes. You truly made our day 🙂

      We wanted to share the news about our cookbook launching this October 20, 2020!
      The Low-FODMAP IBS Solution Plan and Cookbook contains more than 100 low-FODMAP Recipes that can be easily prepared in 30 minutes or less! Check out our Products page for ways to order and get a BONUS FREE PDF with your purchase.

      Please stay in touch with us!!!

    1. Hi Fran,
      We typically suggest unsweetened almond milk, otherwise the sweetness can impact the flavor in recipes. Good luck!

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