Top 10 Low-FODMAP Stocking Stuffers or Hanukkah Gifts- Rachel’s Ideas for Everyone!

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Here is my top 10 list of low-FODMAP inspired stocking stuffers for Christmas or small gifts for each night of Hanukkah (Chanukkah). There is something for everyone, plus a few hints for my own family that mama would like!

Feel free to include my recipes for these low-FODMAP treats on a little recipe card for your loved one.

Also…check out over 475 low-FODMAP recipes on my blog!

Happy Holidays to all, Peace be with you.

Be healthy and happy,

Rachel Pauls, MD

1.For everyone on your list:

  • Happy Bars
    • I can’t lie, these are my number #1 stocking stuffer or holiday gift
    • You can’t go wrong with delectable, convenient, high protein low-FODMAP snacks in 5 flavors!
    • Plus our HAPPY GUT GUIDE and lists of HIGH AND LOW FODMAP FOODS  can be printed or downloaded here
  • A copy of my bestselling Low-FODMAP Cookbook- The Low-FODMAP IBS Solution Plan & Cookbook. It contains over 100 easy to make recipes, and many tips and pointers for following a low FODMAP diet.

2.For the low-FODMAP on-the-go snacker:

3.For the low-FODMAP ice cream sundae lover:

4.For the low-FODMAP spread enthusiast:

5.For the low-FODMAP cookie monster:

6.For the low-FODMAP tea drinker:

  • Loose tea
    • Green, honeybush and rooibos tea are low-FODMAP
  • Tea pouches or infusers
  • Small sachet of low-FODMAP Lemon Sugar

7.For the low-FODMAP mixologist:

8.For the low-FODMAP dark chocoholic:

  • Squares of dark chocolate, dark chocolate espresso beans, dark chocolate pecans, dark chocolate peanuts

9.For the low-FODMAP traveler/student:

  • Individual packs of peanut butter, almond butter
  • Check out my packing list blog for other great ideas

10.For the low-FODMAP gourmand:

  • Small bottles of infused olive oil; like garlic, onion, basil, (or my favorite) truffle oil

And, last but not least…for the low-FODMAP baker and blogger (me): decorative mixing spoons, tea towels and fancy spatulas or spoons, or a decorative recipe box (please)!

Enjoy your holiday season, and have a healthy and happy New Year!

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