Dr. Rachel’s Best Low-FODMAP Chicken Recipes; Gluten-free

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Are you looking for easy, delicious and healthy low-FODMAP chicken recipes?  Look no further than my list below.  These are the BEST low-FODMAP Chicken recipes that are so simple and versatile.  IBS-friendly too.

I can’t deny, chicken is my favorite protein source for a family meal on weeknights, or a fancy weekend feast.  You can tell how much I love it from all the great low-FODMAP recipes I have on my low-FODMAP blog 🙂

Do you need dessert inspiration?  I have recipe collections for low-FODMAP cakes, cookies and sweets & treats– check out the links for my other amazing low-FODMAP lists.  You may also want to peruse my low-FODMAP Slow Cooker and low-FODMAP Family Meal Collections to help you with your weekly menus.

Check out over 500 more low-FODMAP recipes on my IBS-friendly blog.  Thanks for visiting our page!

Be healthy and happy,

Rachel Pauls, MD

P.S. Did you know that I now have a cookbook? All new recipes, never been posted on the blog!

the low-fodmap IBS solution

That’s right! Its the absolute best resource for the low-FODMAP diet.. click this link to learn more!!

Dr. Rachel’s Best Low-FODMAP Chicken Recipes; Gluten-free

low fodmap sesame chicken wings

More all the time!  Check back soon 🙂

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  1. Low FODMAP chicken

    I love your chicken recipes! I started low fodmap about 3 months ago, and your chicken recipes are what made it seem possible. I have tried the Italian Chicken, the Panda Chicken and the lime chicken but also am planning to bake the roasted chicken as soon as I can get a whole chicken during this corona. Thank you so much Dr R.

    1. Hi Kimberly!
      Thanks for the awesome review and we are so happy that you are enjoying the recipes. Have a wonderful day and stay safe 🙂

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